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Buying the Right Composting Tumbler – Expert Tips


Composting tumblers are an excellent way to for you to produce natural fertilizer from your backyard. Moreover, you get to do this in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner. Using composters and tumblers brings with many benefits. Some of the advantages include their ease of use, durability and the fact that they are considered to be 100% pes
t proof meaning that you do not have to worry about rats and other pests rummaging through the waste.

There are numerous types of compost tumblers in the market, and it is important to make certain considerations before finally settling on one The following are some useful tips on how to pick the best composting tumblers.

How to Pick the Best Composting Tumblers

Consider the capacity

First, you ought to consider the size/volume of the composting tumbler. Different compost tumblers have various sizes that normally range from 4 cubic feet to 15 cubic feet. Most experts suggest that large units are more efficient than small tumblers in producing compost. However, you may also find that heavier tumblers tend to be harder to spin/roll.

Material used

Secondly, when choosing composting tumblers, it is important to consider the materials that have been used in its construction as well as aspects such as the design of the supporting legs or the central axis of the tumbler. Look for a tumbler with sturdy materials and one that has strong legs, strong handles, and a strong axis.

All these play a huge role in determining the durability of the tumbler; the stronger it is, the more durable it is. Also, since compost tumblers are all about sustainability and eco-friendliness, it wouldn’t hurt to ensure that the plastic used in making the tumbler is recycled plastic.

Ease of use

Thirdly, when shopping for a good compost tumbler you should consider their functionality and ease of use Different tumblers have different modes of operation; some are rolled on the ground, others are rotated on a base or an axle while others can be cranked using a handle. Make sure to choose a tumbler will be simple for you to use and spin.

For example, a tumbler that has to be rolled on the ground may not be suitable for a person with back problems. However, one that can be turned using a handle and geared cogs would be a good alternative for a person with back problems. Remember, the ability …

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