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Important Points For Successful Potty Training

It may sound easy for you, but for your baby, this may be the biggest task they are about to accomplish. They will be trying to understand how their body functions by responding to the call of nature. Since they were used to using diapers, it will be a new experience for them. On the other hand, parents are usually very anxious to see their kids learn to be independent on this issue.For the process of training the kid to use a potty to be successful, some tips below will be helpful.

Potty training tips you should know

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Before you even start the training, make it a habit for the kid to become familiar with the toilet environment. They can practice on sitting on the toilet every day. Let them sit on it while they are still dressed. This will help you assess if they are ready to start the training. You will also know if there is anything extra required like a potty chair.

Buy a potty chair

Potty chairs can be an additional cost you would like to avoid, but if your child is not comfortable sitting on the toilet, then you have no option than to buy. Potty chair provides more comfort and stability to the kid making the experience less difficult.

Feeds you child on high fiber diet

Constipation is usually a very bad experience for adults let alone kids. If they have difficulty in bowel movement, be assured that the training will be an uphill task. You can always save the day by feeding them on high fiber diets so that this experience will always be fun.

Provide a lot of fluids

They say water is life. Out of the many hundreds of uses of water in a human body, assisting in normal bowel movement is among the paramount functions. Giving your kids a lot of clean water and other allowed fluids will again make the potty time an excellent experience.

Make potty time fun

As atg3ref36ey6ey72u28i29 parent, you can ensure that the kids do not miss potty time. Make it a time for telling that wonderful story or a simple game that will not cause an accident. Keep them company until they have mastered and made it a habit.

Assist in wiping

Kids need help to wipe even after learning to use the potty on their own. If the child wipes wrongly especially the girls, it can increase a risk of health infections.