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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a process in which the woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen and stored to be used later if she desires to become pregnant. Maybe you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, and your family has a history of cancer or early menopause. Go to http://cryosend.com/en/ivf-services and learn more about egg freezing. Well, you don’t to have to worry because of the health conditions mentioned. The good news is that egg freezing is an option for you. You may be planning to have a child in the future, but you feel your current situation that does not allow.

Facts on egg freezing

Egg freezing should be done before the age of 35ewrwerwrw

Your ability to conceive as a woman is determined by age which will affect the quality and quantity of eggs. It is advisable to freeze your eggs before you reach the age of 35 years. Consider egg freezing before you reach 35 years. You can do it as early as 25 years of age. This is because at this age your fertility potential is very high.

Egg freezing is safe

Frozen eggs are as good as fresh ones. By egg freezing, you are extending your biological clock by locking your potential fertility. Ones you are ready to become pregnant you will use them.

Egg freezing increases chances of having a baby

By egg freezing, it is not a guarantee that you will automatically become pregnant. By egg freezing, the probability of becoming pregnant is higher.

Egg freezing is more advanced

Egg freezing has been there for long. It has been used since time in memorial. It has been proven to work. It works since it has been developed and refined over time.

Ten eggs should be frewrwerwrwozen

It has been proven that if ten eggs are frozen. Only seven eggs are expected to survive the egg freezing process. Furthermore, 5 to 6 eggs are expected to become embryos. To increase the chance of becoming pregnant, at least ten eggs for a single pregnancy attempt.

Vitrification process is used

Vitrification method is used to gradually remove water from the cells to avoid damaging ice crystals from forming. This is important for the survival of the eggs during freezing.

Regardless of your reasons for opting for egg freezing be it medical or social. You can successfully freeze your eggs until you are ready to have a child. The above explained facts on egg freezing to preserve fertility explain why you don’t have to worry though your biological clock is ticking. Give it a trial.