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How an Ergonomic Knee Chair can Help with Back Pain

qdos2I’m a huge fan of ergonomic knee chairs, not just because they are very good for health or back pain but also because they are just do darn cool, almost a fashion statement really.

Most of us have trouble with pain in our lower backs, and it’s no wonder when you consider the amount of time we spend sitting in computer chairs both at the office and home. It’s not uncommon for people to spend 8-10 hours slumping and slouching at a computer desk, and this is not a normal position for the body to maintain.

When a people must sit for long periods of time, it puts stress on the lower back, so the knee chair was designed as a way of repoisitoning the body into a less stressful stance.

Traditional chairs are probably not the best idea for an office, even though they are cheaper and possibly more stylish, because back pain will keep employees from focusing on their work as well as forcing them to, get up from their seats, stretch, and even walk around a bit in an effort to alleviate the pain in their backs.

What Is A Kneeling Chair?

office-6The kneeling ergonomic chair was created to force the hips forward and take the pressure off of the lumbar spine. These stools are already popular among workers who suffer with back pain. These stools look very unfamiliar though, and some people still find them uncomfortable, or are unwilling to give such chairs a try. The benefits, however, can be great, and if you are willing to give a kneeling ergonomic chair a try, you will see a definite improvement in your posture, as well as a decrease in your back pain.

How to Use a Knee Chair

The kneeling ergonomic chair provides four different options for sitting:
-You can face forward and have your knees out in front of you (like sitting on a stool), -you can face forward with your knees remaining out in front while your weight is actually balanced on your hips to keep your back straight, -you can turn the chair around backwards and sit on it like a stool, -or you can put sit on your knees and shins on the bottom pad and have your hips up on the top pad.
Writers, artists, office workers, or anyone who must sit at a computer desk for long periods of time, and suffers for it with pain in the lower back, could definitely benefit from the innovative ergonomic knee chair.

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