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Why do You Need Listed Building Consent?

Listed Building 01What is a Listed Building?

A listed building may not be demolished, extended, or altered without special permission from the local planning authority. They typically consult the relevant central government agency, particularly for significant alterations to the more notable listed buildings. Owners of listed buildings are, in some circumstances, compelled to repair and maintain them and can face legal prosecution if they fail to do so or if they perform unauthorised alterations. The listing procedure allows for buildings to be removed from the list if the listing is shown to be in error.

Getting approval for a listed building can be quite a tedious task and can take anything from 8 weeks for minor listings to 13 weeks for major listed buildings.

It is always best to get the assistance from a qualified firm that provides these services for you as the owner may not know the legalities and procedures that need to be followed.

Most structures that are on the list are monuments, bridges, and historical structures. However, if your building or house is part of a cultural and Listed Building 03heritage area, then you are not allowed to make changes to the external or internal structure without prior permission.

There are certain situations where owners of certain listed buildings are required to maintain the structure and a certain way and if they fail to do so could be fined and even lead to imprisonment.

The reason the Uk government follows this rule is to conform to the Granada Convention, which has to do with the protection and safeguarding of historical and cultural sights. Do not be put off by this situation though as depending on what you want to change you may get approval if you use a knowledgeable service to get your Listed building consent.