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How to Study: Speed Reading

Speed-reading-vs-slow-readingWhat is the most effective way to preserve facts in your memory?

How can you go through huge amounts of details, numerous pages of largely composed product and memorize as much details as possible? I have always had this question and attempted several methods to attain much better outcomes.

One of them was speed reading or image reading (although the 2 terms vary somehow).

Exactly what is speed reading?

Speed reading is a series of methods that have been designed to enhance the speed of reading without compromising retention and understanding.

How reliable is speed reading claimed to be?

Speed reading advocates claim that by adopting their techniques you can double your reading speed nearly promptly. With regular daily practice reading speeds can exceed 1000 words per minute (wpm).

How old is speed reading?

The concept is as old as 1940 when training equipments were made use of to assist increase the reading speed. Evelyn Wood is the very first researcher that after an outstanding “demo” of reading speed by her university professor chose to discover the ideas why a few of us have the ability to check out and understand at greater speeds than others. Her “Wood technique” or “Reading Dynamics” was established to teach ways to increase your reading speed.

– What device was initially utilized to verify that humans can perceive and understand words at a really high speed?

– The tachistoscope was made use of to verify that people can identify images that appear for as short as 2 ms.

– What methods do the supporters of speed reading use?

– Numerous techniques have actually been olded such as:.

– Choosing the best environment without interruptions.

– Placing yourself at the ideal range from the book or computer system screen.

Skimming. This involves the peripheral vision and normally is carried out by searching through the series of paragraphs for the crucial or appropriate information that is essential to perceive the major significance of the paragraph excluding the redundant words.

iris-speed-readingAvoid subvocalization. This strategy is one of the most essential, hard for the newbie and very first to be taught among speed readers. Subvocalization consists of duplicating the words of a text at a lower voice or unconsciously while we read. It is a very usual routine and practically everyone succumbs. As a result, the reading speed is limited by the speed that words can be pronounced and thus to less than 300-400 wpm.

Meta leading. Meta assisting involves using a guide for the eye, either a finger or a pen or some other tip to swipe with the text. This is claimed to not only increase reading speed but also compel the eyes to expand their visual field. A number of duplicated movements with the pointer have actually been recommended and in various patterns, zig-zag through the pages or at a linear motion etc

. Avoid backtracking through the text. It prevails to re-read a number of pieces of text in an effort to comprehend much better. It has actually been verified that this process helps little in understanding and at the very same time minimizes the reading speed.

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