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Looking for a whiteboard video?

Screen-Shot-2014-02-04-at-1.24.30-PMContact us and we’ll get you a professional written script for your whiteboard animation and draw a storyboarding taken out of the picture.

Then we can go ahead estimation same rough sketches of your ideas this way we can show you the schedule and confirm that you like where the project is headed. Because there’s nothing worse than being left in the dark about what type of quality video you’re going to have in the end.

Want to have some of these rough sketches and you approve them and finish the rest of the story board just like we talked about you in a previous session what’s at approved for getting coloured now that we have this will go ahead and select a voice over artist that you like once the voiceover artists is selected we will do the special affects changes here and there whatever you like.
Marketstar-3-YouTube-Thumbnail1-280x179Will will then go ahead and finalize the video and had some special effects.

We are the best whiteboard video company and with hundreds of customers you simple cant go wrong.

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