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Valid Hostgator Coupon Codes for 2014

email-hosting-servicesAre you searching for the latest hostgator coupon code that are valid and working?

If you are then you have come to the right place as we have the latest coupons from Hostgator that are working and they offer a great discount. You can lower you hosting costs by up to 30% with the coupons below: Here are the best discounts from Hostgator:

WEBHOSTING30: with this coupon code you will lower your hosting by 30%. This coupon works wonderfully when you are paying for a longer billing cycle. Many have saved hundreds of dollars using this coupon code.

1CENT: with this coupon you will get shared hosting for one penny. This one cent hosting coupon is applied to your first month and thereafter normal costs are billed to your account ($8.95).

These coupons are the best value coupons on the market right now. Take advantage of these offers while they last. We do not know when the codes expire so if you do try them out and they show “invalid” then you were too late.

Hostgator are truly one of the most recognized web hosts online. It is very rare for one not to recommend Hostgator as a web host on forums when the request arises: “which host should I choose”. They currently host close to ten million domains on their servers which is an incredible amount and this really emphasizes how popular they have become.

There have been some complaints of late after they moved their servers to a new location but this isn’t something to be perturbed about as it is the norm to encounter some form of disruption when servers are relocated. Of course, it is not great for a website owner to experience this but the move is over now and you can rest easy knowing that you have found a reliable host in Hostgator.

vps-hostingSome of the features included in Hostgator’s shared plan include: unlimited bandwidth, free Adwords voucher, unlimited disk space, unlimited add-on domains and many more features. But I should point out one fact related to the unlimited bandwidth and disk space offered by Hostgator: while they say that these elements are unlimited there are constraints placed on you the customer. If you read carefully though the terms you will see that unlimited isn’t really unlimited. If you hog bandwidth then you can expect an email from Hostgator asking you to limit usage or move to a bigger plan.

There have been cases where Hostgator have shut-down websites who hog bandwidth so keep this in mind when choosing your hosting plan with Hostgator. Besides this fact you can expect a relatively pain-free journey with Hostgator. My advice to you is to sign-up using the Hostgator coupons above and use them for a month to test their service levels. If you happy then stick with them but if things go South fairly quickly then take up their money back guarantee.

Just one last point: when you signing up with Hostgator you will see a few addon services on the payment page that increase your invoice total. If you un-tick the box associated with these services then the price will reduce to the norm. For some reason these addons are pre-ticked!

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