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Tree Removal Services – What determines the cost?

So, the tree near the garage has grown and is making opening and closing the garage door difficult. It is time to remove it. On paper, tree removal services might sound expensive. However, the effects of living with a tree that is blocking the entrance or nearly falling can be costlier. Tree removal services need expertise, and this explains why tree removal services can cost a significant amount. Besides location, there are other factors that determine your tree removal costs.

Cost of Tree Removal


Tree removal is cheaper if the experts can easily get their truck to the tree, load it, and haul it away after cutting. However, it can be expensive if the tree service has to carry the heavy pieces of wood manually for some distance as their trucks cannot reach the tree.

Condition of the Tree

It is advisable to remove unhealthy trees before they grow brittle and dead. It is because removing dead trees than live ones is risky and more expensive. This is because fragile trees may crumble during the removal process or they might be difficult to carry. As such, the tree removal experts might charge a higher fee for such trees.

Time of the Year

Not many people know that the time of the year also affects the tree removal cost. People usually have their trees removed in spring, summer and fall. This leaves tree removal services relatively free in winter. So if you can wait until winter to trim or cut your tree, you can have it done at a lower price.


Of course, a big tree with more limbs are more expensive to remove. This is because massive trees require more time, labor and expensive equipment to be removed and hauled away. Even trees with more limbs are costly to remove as the many arms stack up to create a mess and thus have to be dealt with quickly.


WAEGRHTJIt is quite risky removing trees located near power lines. Removing such tree demands special equipment and experience. As such, removing such trees might be costlier that removing one from your backyard. Notably, some tree removal services might decline to help you with jobs of this nature.

If you want the tree stump to be removed, in most instances, you will have to pay an additional stump grinding cost. So if your stump is not so noticeable, you could have the tree service cut the stump as low as possible. Besides, you can either let Mother Nature decompose the low stump or speedup the decay process by drilling some holes and adding some natural fungus to the stump.